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Module 2

Third year with main focus on social services and the intermediate degree


Admission requirements:

  • graduation of Module 1 and eight weeks of work experience; at least four weeks in another company

  • or graduation of any other economic college and eight weeks of work experience

Duration: one school year


Job possibilities after graduation of Module 2:

Economic branch:

  • skilled worker for rural business management and household management

  • company service and office worker

  • office worker in medical affairs

Social branch:

  • nursery assistant / kindergarten assistant

  • child-minder

  • home help

  • carer in social services

Other certificates:

  • holidays on the farm

  • ECDL

  • EBC*L

  • direct marketing

  • certificates for baby care and nursing



Intermediate degree:

Students graduate with the „Mittlere Reife“ – intermediate degree- which enables opportunities for further education and replaces the examination in apprenticeship in farming & agriculture and household management.


Further education:

  • school for therapeutic education

  • nurse/carer for the elderly and nurse assistant

  • college of health and nursing

  • 3-years advanced training course in a school of higher education with A-levels


Vocational matriculation examination:

After one year of work experience you are eligible to take the exam (German, English and Mathematics). This exam enables enrolment into university.